Nike SB x April Dunk Low


  1. Follow @blowout_skateshop on Instagram.
  2. Like the raffle post and leave a comment.
  3. Enter your webshop invoice number/bon receipt from our store if you have bought something between 1st of July 2023 - 31st of October 2023. Sorry, a order number from a Dunk Shoe doesn´t count - people trying this will be blocked for future raffles. Leave empty if you have none. 50% of stock will go to our loyal customers.
  4. No calls or dms regarding the raffle.
  5. Data entered here must match with your paypal data. We only accept a payment if address and email from which the payment has been made matches exactly the data you entered.
  6. No double entries.

Raffle ends Sunday 26th. Winners will be contacted Monday 27th.

Price: 130 Euro plus shipping

Please Note: We deliver only to the indicated countries.
Any violation of the rules will result in the loss of the right to buy the shoe.

Nike SB x April Dunk Low
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